Island Smile

Stranded in Paradise Book 2

Return to paradise in this sweeping 19th century romance about true love and survival…

Kidnapped by pirates. Taken to a deserted island.

Not the future Elaine Rochester had in mind. Wife. Mother. Survivor.

But the man who killed her father is back from the dead. And his thirst for treasure has risen tenfold.

From the streets of New York to the heart of the jungle, Henry Rochester must risk life and limb to rescue his beloved wife from the secret island they once called home.

ISLAND SMILE is the second book in the Stranded in Paradise trilogy about two strangers marooned on a deserted tropical island in the year 1899. This trilogy must be read in order.

One click today if you love historical romance with a twist of island adventure! Perfect for fans of The Blue Lagoon!

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