Stranded in Paradise

Discover a virgin paradise in this sweeping 19th century romance box set about true love and survival…



Stranded on a deserted island. The only survivor. His fellow comrades lost at sea. Not the voyage Henry Rochester imagined. A wealthy bachelor from New York. Heir to his family’s fortune.

But Henry is not alone in paradise. Fellow New Yorker, Elaine Carmichael, has been marooned on the island for years. And the pirates who killed her father are on the horizon.

Set at the turn of the century, Jungle Eyes is a sensual love story about two strangers who must embark on a survival of the fittest to make it out of the jungle alive.


Kidnapped by pirates. Taken to a deserted island. Not the future Elaine Rochester had in mind. Wife. Mother. Survivor.

But the man who killed her father is back from the dead. And his thirst for treasure has risen tenfold.

From the streets of New York to the heart of the jungle, Henry Rochester must risk life and limb to rescue his beloved wife from the secret island they once called home.


Trapped in the jungle. Surrounded by enemies. With no way out. Not the adventure Louisa Rochester hoped for. Engaged at sixteen. To a man who never was.

Her safety depends on Frederic Holmes—the man who kidnapped her and has since stolen her heart. When Elaine is captured by a ruthless hunter, Henry must strike a bargain with the enemy. A twist of fate leaves everyone wondering… who will make it off the island alive?

This box set contains the complete Stranded in Paradise Trilogy: Books 1-3.

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